Social Media is an essential tool in getting information out to the world.

At Houssels Hahn & Associates we know the value of utilizing social media as one of our many tools in our marketing toolkit. We also know that conveying a message is only part of the battle.

You have to correctly convey your message across multiple mediums to reach the correct audience, and in many cases over several different parts of the world. This is where our marketing and branding expertise comes into play, we have the knowledge to reach the appropriate audiences, and make sure that our messages are well received. Our International Real Estate experience only deepens our understanding of what different parts of the world are interested in knowing and how.


Marketing your property through our various Social Media platforms is just another way that we are above the rest; we stay atop emerging technologies and know which platforms to use and how often to use them. By generating buzz about your residential & investment properties, making sure the correct information is easily accessible, and driving that interest to your properties, we can make yours a SOLD listing, versus just another listing that sits on the market for too long.

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